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What is Urdu Designer?

The Urdu Designer Apk was previously known is Urdu on picture pro, We completely changed it, Now you can say it have everything that you need to design a Urdu post. That have many many features like below.

Urdu Designer Apk

Urdu Designer Apk Description:

 آپ بہت آسانی سے اردو ڈیزاینینگ کر سکتے ہیں، کوئی پوسٹ بنانا ہو، یا دوست کی تصویر پر کوئی شاعری لکھنی ہو، کوئی پینا فلیکس بینر بنانا ہو یا کچھ بھی، اردو ڈیزائنر سے سب کچھ آسان۔ ابھی انسٹال کریں۔


  • Predefined online templates, such as YouTube Thumbnail Designs, Facebook Posts, Flyers, Poetry Designs and a lot more to download, or make your own Urdu template.
  • Choose dozen of different sizes, just like YouTube thumbnail, Facebook cover or Instagram post.
  • Add text or choose thousands of online Urdu poetry/Shairi for your post.
  • Roman to Urdu, Auto Urdu text converting, Now you don’t need any Urdu keyboard installed in your mobile.
  • A lot of colors and gradients to Colorize your Text
  • Stroke your text beautifully and change shadow.
  • Add multi images from gallery or, give effects, filters, arrange it, or make auto collage
  • Mask your image to shapes, like heart, star and many more.
  • Border, move, rotate, flip, resize very easy
  • Now add stickers and PNG images to your work to improve your design.
  • Hide or lock your design and control with layers just like a computer software.
  • Arrange your work according to paper with align tool.
  • Pre made Arabic and Urdu calligraphy.
  • Delicate text or design and opacity control.
  • Zoom and color picker.
  • Blend text and Images with eye catching effect.
  • Add patterns to your text or backgrounds to make unique style.
  • Create text background, increase and decrease space between lines.
  • Split text lines and word for better design.
  • Skew shapes, images and text.
  • Image, shape and text adjust using grid .
  • Raster text and shapes