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QuickShortcutMaker is a very simple application that does exactly what its name suggests: create shortcuts on the desktop of your Android device. You can create shortcuts to applications as well as processes and activities. This means that you can create a shortcut to WhatsApp just as easily as you can create a shortcut to an operating system that you normally don’t have easy access to.

One of the strengths of QuickShortcutMaker is that it lets you customize your shortcuts. You can choose the icon as well as the name of the shortcut, which makes it easy to mask shortcuts if you so choose.

QuickShortcutMaker is an application that offers more than what you expect at first glance. It’s ideal for quickly accessing your application menus and settings.

What’s so useful about QuickShortcutMaker?

Get in touch with your dark side and you’ll be right on target. One of the tool’s main uses is to mask apps so people don’t notice them. In other words, you take Tinder, swap out its icon, and give it a name like Flappy Bird. In both cases, you’ll – ahem – be getting a bird’s-eye view. Do note that to add the “fake” icon you have to have it saved somewhere first, either as a static image in your phone’s gallery or in one of the many launchers whose library is supported by QuickShortcutMaker to extract icons from. The other thing it can do – which is in fact its original purpose – is create shortcuts to hidden or inaccessible system items. This means you can look up the setting to turn on your flash, for instance, and place it on your desktop to have it close at hand fouse as a flashlight.

How does QuickShortcutMaker work?

  • When you open the app you’ll find a list of all apps installed on the device. Or you can go to the Activities section up top to find other services, many of them divisible into different processes that do various tasks. Once you find what you’re looking for, tap it to access the next step in the setup.
  • In the editing section you can change the font and the icon. Plus there’s a “Try” feature where you can see where the selected link takes you, which is useful given that finding the service you want to launch is more a matter of trial and error than anything else. If you need more info, tap App to go to the Android info section that shows how much space it takes up, how much data it consumes, and what permissions it requires.
  • After doing these steps your spanking-new icon will be automatically inserted on your home screen, and you can move it around or remove it just like with any other app.

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