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Oman is situated in the Gulf region and it is famous for petroleum products exports to other countries of the world. This country contains thousands of oil and gas exploring companies, construction companies and different types of the small industries all these requires different categories of the jobs including driver jobs. Driver jobs are most demanded because each company or firms needs different types of drivers like light vehicles driver and heavy vehicles drivers. Similarly, drivers are also required in domestic or personal vehicles, office, schools vehicles, delivery companies, etc. Different industries and companies demand drivers in different categories like light or heavy vehicles drivers according to nature of vehicle. Driver jobs in this country are amazing because driver job pay more than other ordinary jobs. Companies and firms also provide different types of facilities to drivers like overtime, accommodation foods and medical facility. Oman hotels hire drivers to pick and drops of their guests from airport to hotel and other desire destination. Similarly, hospitals also induct light vehicles drivers for ambulance drive and other light vehicles. In Oman there are various food and beverages companies who also appoint both types of drivers for their products delivery.

Oman driving job visa procedure
Oman has various companies and industries those need qualified and seasoned workers. These workers normally inducted from the overseas. The foreign employee need valid work visa and worker visa is sponsored by the employer. The sponsor files the case at Ministry of Manpower along with his sponsoring license. This Ministry checks all provided documents and on satisfaction permit the employer to hire foreign worker. The employer sends this approval letter and sponsor letter to foreign worker at his native country postal address. The employer then arrange employment visa for the overseas worker. The Immigration Department of the Royal Oman Police processes this and then issue the employment visa.
The medical clearance certificate is required from the worker from the embassy nominated doctor of clinic. The medical certificate will be verified by the Ministry of Health. Once the overseas worker reaches in this country then applies for residence card from Civil Status Department of the Royal Oman Police. This process also needs fingerprints and blood test of the applicant. The Directorate General of Civil Status issues resident card and the validity of this card is two years. The official documents like employment visa and residence card allow the overseas employee to work and live in this country legally.

Driving jobs normally advertised in leading newspapers and online jobs providing websites. These advertisements provide basic information about the driver job. In case of personal driver vacancy the employer provides his contact number and applicant makes contact with the employer and discusses the job details including salary package and timing. However, companies and firm advertise these jobs and induct through test and interview with the assistance of local recruiting agency. Driver jobs in Oman are also available in part-time and full-time. Omani companies offer handsome salary packages with extra benefits like accommodation, food supply and medical treatment. The personal drivers also get the basic facilities and service according to the Oman government rules and regulations. All drivers job in Oman have fixed working hours and behind this time the employee get extra money in the form of overtime from the employer.

Oman driving job requirements

Driving jobs in Oman are amazing and fantastic due to salary package and other provided facilities. Drivers job totally depend upon the valid driving license in required category like light or heavy driving license. The driving license must be issued from the applicant belonging country. The second most important requirement is a good physical condition of the appointed driver. Applicant must have basic education to understand the traffic instructions and has sense of traffic signals. However, there are some necessary documents which are required for the Oman work visa process.

1. Valid passport of the applicant that contains at least two blank pages in it and its validity must be at least six months from the day of the application.

2. Valid job offer letter from the Oman employer or company or company having all terms and condition of the job includes salary, nature of job and duration of job.

3. Driving license of the applicant light or heavy vehicle license must be valid.

4. Attested copies of all relevant documents like driving license, educational certificate including experience letter from the ex-employer.

5. Recent passport sized color photographs of the applicant according to instruction.

6. Medical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital or clinic.

7. Security clearance certificate from the belonging country.

Driver jobs posting websites in Oman
Oman usually advertise its vacant driver’s position in leading newspapers, but there are some top ranked jobs adverting websites announce these jobs online. The followings are some important websites in Oman those advertise these jobs regularly.
Google for jobs
Tanqeeb Oman
Wisdom jobs Gul

Driver jobs salaries in Oman
Drivers in this art of the world earn different from deferment companies or employers. However, the average salary of driver in this country is 890 OMR per month. The taxi drivers earn differently and that is why they earn more than these fixed pay drivers.