Fingerprint Gestures App Requirements: Android 6.0+ / Samsung Android 5.0

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FingerPrint Gestures App Download, Enable the fingerprint actions of Google Pixel on your device. Use gestures like single tap, double-tap and fast tap (swipe) to control your phone and tablet.

To check your notifications, swipe down on the fingerprint sensor on your phone. Touch your fingerprint sensor and scroll through an app of your choice. To quickly turn your phone to sleep, just tap the sensor and so much more.

Feature of Fingerprint Gestures App.

  • Back
  • Home
  • Recent Tabs
  • Sleep (Root)
  • Power Button Menu.
  • Sleep (Root)
  • Power Button Menu.
  • Scroll down (Root).
  • Scroll Up (Root).
  • Open notification panel.
  • Toggle notification panel.
  • Open a quick setting.
  • Toggle quick setting.
  • Play/push song (6.0+)
  • Next song (6.0+)
  • Previous song (6.0+)
  • Toggle auto-rotate (6.0+)
  • Torch (6.0+)
  • Toggle ringer mode.
  • App.
  • App shortcut.
  • Search.
  • Screenshot (Root)
  • Assistant (Root)
  • Toggle split-screen (7.0+)
  • Switch to last app (7.0+)
  • Fingerprint Gestures App Download.

Marshmallow Fingerprint Gestures

Android device running Marshmallow or higher with a fingerprint sensor. A fingerprint sensor is supported if the device manufacturer implemented Google’s fingerprint API.

Lollipop fingerprint.

Samsung PSS API is also supported. Not supported on all devices. Requirements Samsung Device & Samsung Pass API. Only some functionality requires root. The root is needed to control extra functionality.

Accessibility Service of the fingerprint.

Usage of accessibility service privileges is for the purpose of providing accessibility features and non-accessibility purposes. This service is used for the responsible, innovative purpose which may include.

• Triggering of automated action: back, home, recent, power button menu, open notifications panel / quick settings, toggle split-screen, switch to last app.

• Disabled persons can facilitate actions.

You need to confirm the permission dialogue to grant these actions.