Active residence income, notice published

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Active residence income, notice published

In the special edition of the Official Bulletin of the Molise Region, dated 17 September 2019, the notice was published concerning “Income from active residence for access to the Fund in favor of individuals who are going to reside in municipalities with population up to 2000 inhabitants “.

The request must be sent, under penalty of exclusion, by pec to the address:, accompanied by a copy of a valid identity document of the signatory and all the required documents, within and not after 12:00 on the 30.11.2019.

Instructions on how to activate a PEC
Access the AGID website in the PEC manager list section at the following link:
Choose the operator you prefer and contact him online to request PEC activation. 

Instructions on how to activate a PEC e-mail account (Italian version)
Go to AGID website at the following link: pec .
The provider you prefer and contact it online to request the activation of your certified e-mail account.

For information:
(+39) 0874.4291 (switchboard)

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